Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding WiFi Locations in NYC :: 2010 Data

Sometime this month, I have to travel to NYC, and will need access to WiFi. Hopefully, it will be free. But where to start looking? Well, the NYC Open Data program happens to have a 2010 vintage list of WiFi locations in the whole city. Each entry has complete name and address information, along with lat/long. Free vs Fee is another one of the dimensions of the data. Here is what I did with the data in short order, using Tableau Public.

The data set includes a City field, which I thought would have five entries, one for each Borough. However, it seems to be a collection of the Borough names along with neighborhood names. The city 'New York' is really Manhattan Borough, which is of interest to me for this trip. There are quite a few listings there. The other Borough names are in the list of Cities, but contain few locations each, serving, I suspect, as a catch all when no neighborhood is appropriate.

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